“Stages of Love” is a revolutionary experience where women of color will be taking the audience on a rollercoaster of emotions, expressed as the five stages of love; Bliss, Lust, Disillusionment, Transformation, and Self-Reflection. This film includes the artwork, movement and poetic narratives created and written by Black and Latinx women.

Envision Artist Company Inc. was proud to share our first short film “Stages of Love”; directed by Camille Elvery and Ashley Antonia Lopez & filmed by Jarred Solomon. This artistic film was based on the truthful and intimate experiences of Black women. Envision Artist Company Inc. is so grateful that we were able to share our film on Bingwave!


Our team at Envision Artist Company Inc. realizes how the world is in desperate need of healing and love reminders. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and global protests, it has made us truly reflect on the love we still have inside us, and can share with the world around us. So Envision Artist Company Inc. hosted their 2ND VIRTUAL OPEN CREATIVE NIGHT via Zoom. Also, we took this opportunity to virtually fundraise for our film called “Stages of Love”, and all proceeds will go to equipment, lighting, props, editing, and paying the artists.


During this COVID-19 pandemic, let’s take this opportunity to get creative and gather. Envision Artist Company is hosting a VIRTUAL CREATIVE NIGHT via Zoom. Also, we took this opportunity to virtually fundraise for Life Camp Inc. and Black Futures Lab, black owned organizations, to assist them in their mission to empower the black agenda and black voices.

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