Envision Artist Company is a donation based, art & film hybrid in New York City.

Envision’s mission is to give people who are Black, African, Caribbean, and Latinx artists, a platform to display and perform their work. Envision is a community built to encourage artists to feel safe and freely express their emotions through their artistic creations. Here, artists have the opportunity to be seen in a supportive environment. Envision’s mission is to infuse art and performing, as a way to deeply investigate the normal phases and emotions that we as humans experience in everyday life. Envision seeks to celebrate the empowerment of people of color through non-conventional, textured and authentic storytelling.


Email: envisionartistcompany@gmail.com

Disclaimer: Envision Artist Company Inc. is legally considered a “C Corporation” acting as a non profit organization. Any donations made to Envision Artist Company Inc will made as contributions towards our mission to benefit our community through art mediums. Actions involving appropriately paying artists, actors, performers etc who identify as people of color, for their art, talent, and involvement in Envision Artist Company Inc projects, films and events to the best of our ability considering the extent or our donations.