Camille Elvery is a resilient storyteller that is constantly developing stories as she experiences them. Camille believes everyone has a story, and she shares her story on various platforms in ways others can hopefully relate to and will want to share themselves. She helps brands. Independent clients connect better with their consumers with her insights based on culture and shared experiences. Camille has collaborated with Ashley to create “Stages of Love” to give artists and performers space to bring their creativity to enhance the storytelling of love.


Ashley Antonia Lopez is a New York City based Afro-Latina and graduated from Pace University with her BA in Devise Acting. Through her acting program, Ashley had the opportunity to perform in the Sibiu Theatre Festival. She also performed in an original piece titled, The Female Role Model Project, and performed in an immersive play called, An Immersive Theatrical Journey to Fight Human Trafficking. Now, she has collaborated with Camille to create “Stages of Love” so they can give artists and performers the opportunity to tell their truth about love.


Jarred Solomon is an independent producer and actor. His career behind the camera began in various positions from production assistant to production stage manager. He has produced theater, films, and web series. His latest producing endeavor ‘Boxer’ is a feature film currently in production. Jarred is thrilled to embark on the journey to help Envision Artist Company’s “Stages of Love” production as our production manager, cinematographer and editor.